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summer school at the Poor Farm

—Please read:

If you get lost you can call me (Aaron): 651-353-2451

Below is general information that doesn't change much year-to-year.

Here are a few things (beside the obvious, toothbrush, etc.) you might want to bring:

sleeping bag/bedding (Okay, this is pretty obvious. It can get chilly.)
tent (also obvious)
drinking/coffee cup
cooler for food/drinks (if you have one)
mosquito repellent
sun screen
air mattress
towel (or use a shirt)
rain coat
some warmer clothes for the evening
a small flashlight
phone/computer charger cord
a little cash
water shoes (the river rocks are a bit hard on your feet)

Remember, you will be camping. There isn't a working shower, so you bathe in the river. There is a building (the "Breeze", a former garage) that we will use to meet, so if it rains you won't be stuck in a tent all day.

Click here for a map. Note that the Google has missedplaced the Poor Farm slightly. It is actually located about where the Waupaca County Poor Farm Cemetary is, directly on County Road BB.