Aaron Van Dyke

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Some recent work

not painting, 2019. 33" x 45". Paper, toner, string, backer rod on canvas
Untitled, 2019. 29.875" x 22.75". Cardboard, leather, string, cord, twine on fabric
Untitled, 2020. 46-5/8" x 36". Caulk and hair on laser print mounted on panel
Untitled (detail), 2020. ½" x variable. Wooden beads, paint, epoxy, fishing line
Untitled, 2018. 28" x 36". Cardboard, canvas, paper, toner, and paint on fabric
Untitled (detail), 2020. ¾" x variable. Crushed micro SD cards, epoxy, linen thread, lint on string
Untitled (detail), 2020. ¼" x variable. False eyelashes, CD fragments, staples, epoxy on fishing line
Untitled (detail), 2020. ⅜" x 27'9". In this image: Fake nails, false eyelashes, epoxy on fishing line
Untitled, 2021. 24" x 32". Toner, acrylic medium, cyanotype on canvas
Untitled (detail), 2020. 2" x variable. Wooden beads, modeling paste, copper wire on various fishing lines
Untitled (detail), 2020. ½" x variable. Lint, epoxy, staple on fishing line
Untitled (detail), 2021. ¼" x variable. Dyed leather, copper wire, SD card fragments on knotted linen thread
Untitled, 2018. 17.5" x 17.5". Toner on cardboard on canvas
Untitled (detail), 2020. ¼" x variable. Altered wooden bead on fishing line
Untitled, 2017. 24" x 32". Cardboard, toner on canvas
Untitled side B (moveable wall for Goethe in the Skyway) in collaboration with Kelsey Olson, 2018. 7' 6" x 10' x 2'. Paper, inkjet prints, plaster on movable wall
Untitled (detail), 2020. ¼" x variable. CD fragments, hair, epoxy on fishing line