Aaron Van Dyke

Dodecagonal Murmur in a Tridecagonal Ear (working title—upcoming)

This is a public sound exhibition. Artists' work is played through a parabolic (directional) speaker in public space. The sound is clearly audible in a very small area because of the narrow column of sound projected by the speaker.

A dry run of project took place in Minneapolis at 44°56'54.2"N 93°17'28.7"W (between Highpoint Center for Printmaking [912 W. Lake St, Minneapois] and Eye of Horus) the weekend of November 28, 2020. It is best heard on the sidewalk near the alley.

Additional artists will be included in the upcoming exhibition.

Run time: ~2hrs 32min

List of works:

Artist Title Year Run Time
Eric Frye Scene 1 (from Diffusion Soliloquies) 2020 2:36
Edgard Varèse Poème Electronique 1957–58 8:08
Eric Frye Scene 2 (from Diffusion Soliloquies) 2020 2:07
Ed Sanders This is the Age of Investigation Poetry and Every Citizen Must Investigate 1975 5:44
James Hoff Blaster (from Blaster) 2014 2:01
JAR bruno_b 2019 1:46
Beatriz Ferreyra Demeures Aquatiques (from GRM Works) 1967 7:30
Pauline Oliveros A Little Noise in the System (Moog System)   30:22
Eric Frye Scene 3 (from Diffusion Soliloquies) 2020 3:39
John Giorno Stretching It Wider 1982 6:44
Beatrix*JAR Vision Board 2019 3:37
Beatriz Ferreyra Médisances (from GRM Works) 1968 / 69 7:00
Eric Frye Scene 11 (from Diffusion Soliloquies) 2020 2:36
Iannis Xenakis Concret PH 1958 2:44
David Frohlich A Plural Noun 2020 14:21
Pierre Schaeffer Cinq études de bruits: étude violette 1948 3:25
Eric Frye Scene 12 (from Diffusion Soliloquies) 2020 2:31
Beatrix*JAR People Come On 2019 2:42
Henri Pousseur Scambi 1957 6:43
David Frohlich ASR Training & Synthetic Speech Rating Module with SDR 2020 13:05
John Giorno I Don't Need It, I Don't Want It, And You Cheated Me Out Of It 1981 10:34
James Hoff Asterbl (from Blaster) 2014 1:23
Eric Frye Scene 19 (from Diffusion Soliloquies) 2020 2:55
James Hoff Rblaste (from Blaster) 2014 2:26
Eric Frye Scene 20 (from Diffusion Soliloquies) 2020 5:11

Project support provided by the Visual Arts Fund, administered by Midway Contemporary Art with generous funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, New York.

Special thanks to the artists who are participating in this project and Highpoint Center for Printmaking for housing the speaker for the dry run of this project.